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  • General Forum Guidelines

    1. Do not post off-topic content.
    2. Flaming, harassing, or posting inappropriate content is not permitted. Inappropriate content includes, but is not limited to, offensive language or pictures.
    3. Do not spam. For smilies, we do not have any set number that qualifies as spam, but if you use an excessive amount, determined at moderator discretion, you may be warned or you may receive a message from a moderator about it. Posting encoded or otherwise obfuscated content with a hidden meaning is not allowed.
    4. Advertising is not allowed. Links to personal forums, blogs, or other websites or content is not allowed. Links to websites such as YouTube, Imgur, or other similar websites are allowed as long as the purpose of the post is to show off some sort of creative content.
    5. The discussion of exploits or illegal hacks is not permitted.
    6. If you would like to respond to a topic that has been inactive for 90 days or more, please make your contribution relevant to the topic. You can respond to inactive topics even if the topic itself is trivial; the contribution you make simply needs to be related to the thread.
    7. Discussions of political or religious nature are not allowed.
    8. Requesting free products or services, such as xats, subscription days, or powers, is not allowed.
    9. Disputing the actions of a forum staff member should take place by sending any volunteer a private message. If you're unable to send a private message, then you may open a ticket instead.
    10. Disputes about specific chats or users should not be discussed. However, asking for advice on dealing with these types of issues is allowed.
    11. The advertising or sale of chat rooms or any other product or service is not permitted anywhere on the forum. However, the sale of nxat identification numbers can be advertised in the ID Sales section of the forum. The sale of xats, days, or powers is acceptable, but only if the exchange is for other xats, days, or powers. An example of something not allowed is selling powers for real-world currency.
    12. Do not post personal information, even if it is your own information. This includes, but is not limited to, addresses, full names, email addresses, or private social media pages.
    13. You may not use the nxat logo or other xat branding materials in your avatar, signature, or cover photo.
    14. Unless a forum or topic specifically authorizes the use of a different language, English is the only language allowed. This includes other content areas, such as statuses.
    15. Double posting (or more) is acceptable, but only if the purpose is to update the topic with relevant information. If you are double posting to reply to multiple people, or if you are double posting and adding useless information in the double post, you may be warned to stop.
    16. Avoid reputation abuse. Asking other members for reputation is not allowed. If your content is good enough, you will receive reputation appropriately. The spirit of this rule is to prevent mass amounts of reputation from being earned when it's undue. This means that if you make a quality post and remind users to show appreciation by giving a like, that would be acceptable. The same goes for taking away reputation.
    17. Make sure your replies are thoughtful, otherwise they may be seen as spam posts. Focus on post quality. Writing "good idea" or "nice suggestion" is not sufficient. You could simply give reputation by liking the post instead of writing short, mindless replies.
    18. When using images or other works from other websites or authors, make sure that you don't present and represent the work as if you created it.
    19. Signature images should not be greater than 150 px in height.
    20. Do not create or use other accounts for purposes of evading bans/restrictions/anti-spam measures, reputation abuse, voting on suggestions, taking part of auctions/giveaways or otherwise trying to influence the outcome of any forum event.
    21. Topics celebrating birthdays are not allowed.
    22. Do not use avatars with intrusive animations. It's up to a forum moderator's discretion to decide if an avatar is considered unsuitable for use.
    23. Your posts may contain GIFs, as long as they contain on-topic text as well. The use of GIFs may not be excessive and the GIFs being used may not be intrusive. It's up to a forum moderator's discretion to decide whether your use of GIFs is appropriate or not.
  • Suggestions Section Guidelines

    1. Do not create suggestions if the ideas you're presenting have already been suggested by someone else in recent months. Use the search feature.
    2. Make sure that when you post a reply it is thoughtful. If you have nothing beyond "good idea" to add, then just give a reputation point by liking the post.
    3. Do not blatantly rip images from search engines like Google and present such ideas as if they're your own. Be original. If you find that designs made by other people on the internet are a good representation of your idea, make it clear that the work you're presenting isn't your own, and offer ideas for how xat can modify the idea and make it their own.

    Read more on how to suggest.

  • Contests and Events Section Guidelines

    1. Do not submit any fraudulent entries to contests. This includes, but is not limited to, the following items: submitting content you did not create, submitting content where you did not give appropriate credit to works used in your submission(s), submitting fake doodle backgrounds or gameban screenshots, and submitting doodle content created using applications or services not provided by xat.
    2. Contests must be open to submissions for at least seven days.
    3. A verified prize holder is required to hold your contest prize as long as the contest requires a substantial amount of work for entry. You must arrange prize holding before you start your contest, and within one day of the contest start time, the prize holder must reply to the topic to confirm they have the prize. For more information on verified prize holders, please see the Contests and Events forum.
    4. If a contest is cancelled after 24 hours, the contest creator must forfeit the prize and choose a winner.
    5. Contests must be related to nxat. Contests which offer cash prizes or off-site-currency are not permitted. Prizes can only consist of xats, subscription days, powers, or premium bot time. Anything else requires approval from a volunteer or forum moderator.
    6. Writing a simple "good luck" or "best wishes to everyone entering" is not sufficient for a reply. The community has deemed such replies to be not constructive, so they are not allowed.
    7. Once winners have been declared, they need to be given at least 48 hours to claim their prize.
  • ID Marketplace Section Guidelines

    1. Always include both the ID you are selling and your current user ID. You can not sell your current user ID.
    2. Payments can only consist of xats, subscription days, or powers.
    3. Do not sell an ID if you do not wholly own it. Do not sell an ID for a friend.
    4. An account you're selling can be registered while you're selling it, but when you hand it over to the purchaser, you must only give them the register link (the account must be deleted at that time).
    5. Replying to topics with remarks that simply congratulate the poster for their nice ID are not allowed. These types of replies are not constructive and are not related to the sale of the ID. You should only post in a topic in ID Sales if you are inquiring about the ID in question.
    6. Please note that xat does not officially endorse the sale of IDs, but nxat does not enforce a ban on the sale of IDs. You must sell completely at your own risk. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that you are not scammed. In the event that you are scammed, you may report the scammer to nxat for investigation.
    7. Topics that are inactive for four or more weeks may be locked or moved. If you would like more time, please contact a moderator or volunteer.
  • Club Guidelines and Policies

    1. Do not create a pointless club. Pointless clubs will not be approved, and if they somehow manage to get approved, they will eventually be deleted. This obviously has a lot of room for interpretation, but we will use our judgement.
    2. Duplicate clubs are not allowed.
    3. Name squatting is not allowed.
    4. If a club doesn't generate enough activity, it may be deleted.
    5. Moderators and volunteers will not enforce most rules in private or closed clubs, as long as things are mostly controlled. No harassment, no cyberbullying, and no reputation abuse. Other serious violations will, of course, still be dealt with. However, swearing or other minor things will be overlooked.
    6. Clubs for English, Portuguese and Spanish languages are allowed. Other non-English clubs are also allowed as long as the clubs are private or closed.
  • Guides and Tutorials Section Guidelines

    1. The guides and tutorials should be nxat related or somehow beneficial to xat users.
    2. Content that's already available on nxat wiki will not be published.
    3. Content that's available elsewhere (e.g. xat blogs, forum clubs), and you aren't the author of said content, will not be published. If you must incorporate the work of others, please make this clear and provide credit.
    4. Content that's deemed not helpful by the forum staff will not be published.
    5. Your content may be used on xat wiki or elsewhere on nxat with no reference to you.
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