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  4. ID: 663 Name: Superzoo Status: Unlimited Store price: N/A Required Powers: Arachnid, Elephant, Gorilla, Guineapig, Hedgehog, Hippos, King, Koala, Lions, Meerkat, Pony, Raccoons, Scamp, Skunk, Tigers Smilies: superzoo Hats: h#spi1, h#spi2, h#lion, h#tigers, h#koleaf, h#kocry, h#ele1, h#ele2, h#hedge1, h#hedge2, h#hippo1, h#hippo2, h#gp, h#rac1, h#rac2, h#gorilla1, h#gorilla2, h#sk1, h#sk2, h#mk1, h#scamp1 Smiley Preview: Pawn Previews:
  5. Hello there, i would like to know what you think about adding more emojis to the Topics reactions (Like)(Love)(touched) Something like this
  6. I don't know if is me but i can't see the first images
  7. For me is a new fresh idea and look like so good, thats going to work on Phone (Android and Iphone) Like this? Also users would be able to assign and unassign groups powers? However i like that new version is so fresh. (clap)
  8. Hello, Everyone! Nxat would like to announce it's NEW HTML5 interface design to the community. Here's what the features of this new interface brings. For starts, a new widget menu. The widget menu for the groups tab will show, Promoted Groups, featured chats, popular chats, supported chats, game chats, the search option and quick access to Help and/or Trade. Which can be shown here: The widget menu for the stores tab will show, buy xats & days, powers, short name, auctions, xavis, promotion, ads and groups. Which can be shown here: he widget menu for the Nxat tab will show, wiki, community, ticket, twitter, Facebook, privacy, terms of service and safety. Which can be shown here: The widget menu for the group tab will show, embed and inappropriate. Which can be shown here: The widget menu for the account tab will show which account you are logged into: It will also show which account you're logged into, your xat.me profile, user settings and the logout button. Flash app are working with HTML5. Trade app is glitched and we already know about all the possible bugs. For now, applications will stay in flash. Later they will be converted into HTML5. The only HTML5 application is Chess. How to access apps: Tabs: The user tabs menu was also updated in this which is very simple and user-friendly. Very simple and sleek to the users eyes. It's not so clustered as before and it's very easy to use. How do you access it? Go to the corresponding chat you want and then add ?new2 at the end of the chat link. For example: http://Nxat.eu/xat_test?new2 would take you to Nxat's new interface and HTML5's latest chat version. Known Bug at the moment: CSS NOT support. Outer backgrounds not currently working. Logout button leads to events.php This is always updating so be sure to check out what new features are added since Nxat's always making updates to this. If you want to report any bugs, then feel free to report them on the Bug Tracker area and the moderators of the Bug Tracker team will look at it.
  9. Hello forum users. I am glad to have your attention today as I present to you a brand new idea for the community. An HTML5 based client is slowly becoming into reality as time goes on. Thanks to that, I have formulated a prototype that will improve the experience of the common user on Nxat. This will be presented on the point of view of a main owner, to show as many options as possible. Notice: his prototype is in BETA, and therefore is not the ideal finished product. Unfortunately, I couldn't upload this to adobe for everyone to see via link, so I uploaded a GIF into Imgur which you will see bellow. Nxat Chatbox (BETA V0.1) Includes: A clean interface. Revamped user profile. Availability to connect to social media. A new way to change pools. Changed the position of PC, Users, and Friends tabs. Please reply with your input, whether it be good or bad. Please do not go off topic, and also make sure to follow the guidelines of the forum.
  10. Vitis

    Official nxat Links

    Thanks for this information :3
  11. Join the full research and support team https://nxat.eu/
  12. Tom2

    Official nxat Links

    Thank you @Mihai added.
  13. Mihai

    Official nxat Links

    And nxat Assistance https://nxat.eu/assistance chat international for help
  14. very good bro 😃
  15. adm

    Official nxat Links

    thank you very much bro 😬
  16. Tom2

    Official nxat Links

    This is the list of the Official Chats From nxat.eu FOR NOW For enjoy with users from different countries and Languages (Official ) https://nxat.eu/lobby (International +Translator ) https://nxat.eu/ChatJovenes (Spanish + Translator ) Helping Official Chats https://nxat.eu/help ( English ) https://nxat.eu/ayuda (Spanish ) Trading Official Chats https://nxat.eu/trade ( Engliash ) https://nxat.eu/Cambio (Spanish ) https://nxat.eu/assistance ( International ) More are coming soon...
  17. Would recommend to anyone
  18. The New Android nxat App is ready to be Dowloaded Link Bellow https://nxat.eu/Download_File/Nxat_Chat_v1.3.1.apk
  19. Hi there, what about creating Club Part where users can create their community clubs and enjoy it? (hmm)
  20. Admin

    Welcome baby 😂 

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      ty😍 broooo😅

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      Do you like the new version

    3. Fair


      yes stay much easy

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    Welcome to Pages

    Welcome to Pages! Pages extends your site with custom content management designed especially for communities. Create brand new sections of your community using features like blocks, databases and articles, pulling in data from other areas of your community. Create custom pages in your community using our drag'n'drop, WYSIWYG editor. Build blocks that pull in all kinds of data from throughout your community to create dynamic pages, or use one of the ready-made widgets we include with the Invision Community. View our Pages documentation
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