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  2. ID: 682 Name: Gkturkey Status: Limited Price: 250 xats Smilies: (ktstar) (ktlove) (kthot) (kthatm) (kthatf) (ktfried) (ktcrying) (ktcool) (ktconfuse) Pawns: hat#hf hat#ht
  3. The place to discuss‚ buy‚ and sell graphics.
  4. DesignByMix


    The place to discuss‚ buy‚ and sell graphics.
  5. very nice bro thank you 😀
  6. Really really nice
  7. D: 680 Name: Patches Status: Limited Store price: 300 xats Stickers: (patches.banana), (patches.boot), (patches.confused), (patches.fly), (patches.hammer) Hat: hp This power allows you to send panda-themed stickers. Note: This power was made for the HTML5 chat only. It will NOT work on the Flash chat. You need to own the power Patches (ID:680) and have days to use stickers. Smiley of the sticker Pawn of the sticker Sending a sticker To send a sticker, simply use one of these codes: (patches.banana) (patches.boot) (patches.confused) (patches.fly) (patches.hammer) Text color You can also specify the inner and outer text color of your sticker. Text color You can also specify the inner and outer text color of your sticker.
  8. Hook


    Buenas, ¿que te ocurre, podrías mostrar una captura del error?
  9. eduarcat41


    Hola no puedo entrar al nxat
  10. How to buy ? (goo)
  11. In Europe they will force Apple to allow the use of external apks without going through their certificates. Has publishing the application in the app store been considered?
  12. Hello new ids room Nxat.eu/loja 1.Sell id 198 2. Sell id 118 3. Sell id 113 4. Sell id 114 5. Sell id 777 Only this id will be sold 67 22 11 44 id sadace staff will not be given ids thank you İds admin @Hook
  13. Username: Hook ID: (33) Number: 25
  14. Guest

    WIN 250K XATS & 250 DAYS.

    USERNAME: Nimic ID : (1765445357) NUMBER : 69
  15. Hello, everyone! We're thrilled to announce another exciting giveaway. This time, we're giving away a total of 250.000 xats +250 days, which will be divided among 5 lucky winners. Each winner will receive 50.000 xats + 50 days ! Would you like a chance to win? GIVEWAY NAME - BINGO. To participate in this thrilling giveaway, simply leave a comment below this post with your ID and username + A NUMBER FROM 0-75. The winners will be randomly selected using a generator to ensure a fair process. THE LITTLE GAME WILL TAKE PLACE ON SUNDAY AT 00:00. ROMANIAN TIME. AND THE 5 WINNERS WILL BE CHOSEN BY THE BOT. THE NUMBER YOU WRITE HERE MUST ALSO BE IN FRONT OF THE NAME. AT THE MOMENT IN WHICH THE BOT CHOOSES EXTRACTS THE NUMBER SELECTED BY YOU, YOU HAVE 10 SECONDS AT YOUR DISPOSAL TO WRITE ON THE BINGO CHAT. YOU WILL NOT BE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION. SUCCESS! [img]https://xatimg.com/image/58yDaE0as7SJ.png[/img]
  16. If u quiz don't function ->> ASK Tickle power from TRADE CHAT to iEmma or 42.
  17. Hook

    ID: 679

    I hope it is available soon, the hat is incredible. It would be nice to also add the possibility of it being a pawn tear, apart from modifying the entire pawn.
  18. Name: Ghosty Status: Limited Store price: 242 Smilies: ghosty, ghstback, ghstcool, ghstcry, ghstdead, ghstlove, ghstmad, ghstsad, ghstshocked, ghstsmile, ghstsurprised Smiley Previews: Hats: hy
  19. Hook

    ID: 678

    Good afternoon! The price of (Hallowneon) is 366 x4ts The power is very nice
  20. Name: Hallowneon Status: Limited Price: 366 Smilies: hallowneon,neodevil,neoghost,neomoon,neomummy,neopot,neorip,neoskull,neospider,neovampire,neoweb,neowitch Hats: hn, hg, hw
  21. Hook

    ID: 677

    I like pumpkins, the mushroom hat looks interesting. Will it be on sale soon?
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