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684 PAWNS (Gamerace)


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Get ready for a blast of color and fun with our latest gamerace power, Pawns!


Pawns brings the best of the classic card games with a fresh and fun nxat twist. The goal is simple: be the first to play all your cards.

The player who reaches the goal score by the end of the round, wins the game. 


To play a card, you must match the top card on the discard pile either by the number, color, or type.

If you don’t have a anything that matches, you must draw a card from the draw pile.

On each turn, the player will have 15 seconds to play. If they don't, they will be dealt two cards as a penalty.

If a player misses their turn twice in a row, they will enter AFK Mode and will be disqualified if they miss a turn again.

When AFK Mode is on, they will only have 9 seconds to play in their next turn. 

If you don’t have a playable card, you can draw one from the draw pile.

If the card you just drew is playable, you’re forced to play it.

When playing your next to last card, you will have 3 seconds to shout PAWNS.

If you don’t and another player catches you before the next player begins their turn, you will be dealt two cards as a penalty.

Special Mode

This is game mode introduces new cards and rules to the classic gameplay.:

•    You can play Draw Four cards whenever you want. 
•    You can stack Draw Two / Draw Four cards on top of your opponents’. The next player without a matching card will draw the sum of the numbers.
•    You can draw from the draw pile even if you have a playable card.

Discard Card
•    This card allows you to discard all cards that have the same color as this one.
•    This card may only be played on a matching color, or another Discard card. 

Swap Card
•    This card can be played on any card. 
•    This card allows you to swap your hand with the opponent’s hand of your choice.
•    This card will maintain the same color as the previous played one.

Duo Mode

This game mode includes all the same rules as the classic one but allows you to team up with another player to play against another team.

When either of the team members wins the game, both players will be winning and will receive the prizes if set. 

Scoring and Winning

Once a player plays their last card, the round is over. Points are tallied and the next rounds starts.

The points are talled based on the cards left in the other players’ hands. Each card is worth the following:

If you are the first player to get rid of all your cards, you get the points for the cards left in the other players’ hands.

Each card is worth the following:

Number: Number value
Draw Two: 20 points
Reverse: 20 points
No-Play: 20 points
Discard: 20 points
Wild: 40 points
Draw Four: 60 points
Swap: 60 points

We will release a public beta for this game first. In order to host a game, you must own the Pawns power. You don't need the power to play, though. 

To bring the bot, you must open the game app and send !bot in main chat. 

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